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Stylish Solution for Your Cat Scratching Instinct

kitty scratch board

Stylish Solution for Your Cat Scratching Instinct.


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Kitty Litter Box Cover that Looks Like a Small Dresser

Kitty Litter Box Slipcover

Kitty Litter Box Cover that Looks Like a Small Dresser.

I don’t have a kitty, but this look kinda cute and funny. I wonder what the kitty think about its litter box?

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Jewelry for Dog : Untraditional Dog Tag

Untraditional Dog Tag

ID Bar Pet Tag | Dog Milk.

I really like this dog tags, unlike traditional ones that are flat and shape like a dog bone or shapes like circle and heart, this ID Bar looks cool. It is the perfect tag for your puppy. Stylish!

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Cute Dog House by the Bed

Dog House by the Bed

Hunde Hus Dog House and Bedside Table | Dog Milk.

I like this dog house, but I don’t think my puggy will use it. He always sleep on the couch. We tried buying him some comfy pillow, bed…nothing works, he always destroy them. I guess if you don’t use this as a dog  house / side table, you can use it as storage. 🙂

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Factory Alliance Shop

Factory Alliance Shop




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