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Fluffy Modern Rugs from Piodao Group: Waves and Capitonné

Fluffy Modern Rugs from Piodao Group

Fluffy Modern Rugs from Piodao Group

Fluffy Modern Rugs from Piodao Group: Waves and Capitonné.

Love the vibrate color of the top rug.  These are not the traditional rectangular rugs that are boring. The simplicity of design and color used are what make them great!


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2011 Letterpress Calendar by Seesaw Letterpress

I found a beautiful letterpress calendar for 2011, take a look at this…

seesawdesigns letterpress calendar

seesawdesigns letterpress calendar

I love this set of calendar by seeaw letterpress because it’s simple and beautiful and the neat thing is, after the month is over, you can tear the calendar part off and frame the top part (where the artwork is) as wall decoration.

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Delight by design: a golden touch

hint of gold products

delight by design: a golden touch.

I’m usually not a big fan of gold, a lot of time they are overly glamorous, but these items that the editor picked out at delight by design are great. They are not to flashy but a hint of gold that added charm to these pieces.

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Tea For Joy: Pencil power

pencil wall art

Tea For Joy: Pencil power.

I love this idea, so colorful and modern.

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Leave It Note { designvagabond }


leave it note

I absolutely love these, they are so beautiful and functional at the same time. See complete post here.

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Cool Knitted Stools

Cool Stools

These are very unusual and I think the are quite cool looking! See more pictures here.

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Suitcase Stickers | OddMods – Furniture Mods, Interior Design, Architecture, and Design Inspiration

suitcase sticker

These stickers definitely made me laugh, what would the airport staff thinks? See more here.

suitcase sticker money

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